Using black watercolor paint is a bit of a controversial subject among artists… Some artists passionately argue against using black paint in watercolor altogether. They say things like “Real artists

Painting swatches is an excellent way to compare and get to know the characteristics of your paint. I wanted to learn how to make watercolor swatches in a way that

​You’ve heard about glazing… Right ?Glazing or layering colors is a fundamental technique in watercolor painting. When you paint, the transparent layers of pigment build up, one on top of

​Have you ever tried to mix a purple color and then think to yourself:“ That doesn’t look right ! ”Purple is one of those tricky colors in watercolor mixing. And

It's exasperating don't you think ?Not knowing how to mix the color you need...When I first started painting I really didn’t understand how to mix watercolors and get exactly the

You’ve seen them... Right ?Those beautiful looking watercolor charts with a rainbow of fantastic colors.It’s only natural that you want to make one yourself. That’s exactly how I felt when

​I find watercolor mixing fascinating.In my early days as a budding ​artist, I would dive right into a project and rely on intuition and a bit of luck to mix