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A little more about me…

Some of you have asked to know a little more about me…

Well… For all you curious people out there, here’s my story...

I was born in the UK, and I now live near Paris, France...

I started painting and drawing when I was very young. I think it was the first activity that gave me a real sense of satisfaction (apart from climbing trees !)

I guess this had a big influence on my choice of career because later I went to study at Oxford Polytechnic and became a qualified architect. But after a few years of architectural work, my love of art and graphics got the better of me, and I decided to launch a freelance architectural illustration company. I now have over 12 years experience creating inspiring architectural illustrations for my clients.

“So where do watercolors fit in” ? I hear you ask...

Watercolor painting was my first passion. And despite the hustle and bustle of running a business and raising a family… I promised myself I would begin painting again. So a few years ago I took out my old paints, and rekindled my love for watercolors.

It wasn’t easy at first! 

Watercolors have a reputation for being tricky to learn. You need a fair amount of trial and error, experimentation, and…well… “getting things wrong” before you get to grips with this art medium.

But as I went through the frustrations of re-learning watercolors, my artwork and techniques evolved for the better. Of course, I recovered some of the things I learned when I was young. But I also discovered soooo many other things about watercolors and art in general. 

That’s when I decided to start charting some of my watercolor experiences in the form of my blog, “Watercolor Affair”. My objective was to start sharing some of my hard won knowledge. 

Because painting with watercolors can be a struggle.

So by writing this blog, and sharing some of the things I have picked up over the years, I hope to ease that struggle for other people. 

But I also made this site because I truly believe that art is an important endeavor. It’s important because it can bring joy to the people who make art, and to those who see it. And one of the things that makes life enjoyable is giving other people joy!

I think that’s a worthwhile reason for sharing and encouraging people to paint in watercolors… Don’t you?

Oh… and one final thing…

When you’re painting, don’t get your rinse water mixed up with your cup of tea!


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Professional Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts Honors degree and Diploma in Architecture/Masters of Architecture.

(Winner of the RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architects prize for Overall Excellence - 1995).

Associate Member of the National Watercolor Society  

Affiliated with "La Maison des Artistes" - Paris, France.

(Member no. R379678 )

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