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Hi, I'm Anthony.
So you're ready to make a dent in the world of watercolors ? Good for you. My love affair with painting began when I was a kid. But this blog isn’t about me... I started this website to share everything I've learned about watercolors in the hopes that it might help & inspire others to pursue the same creative voyage.
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Summer is slowly creeping up on us. Perhaps you’re looking forward to lying on a sunny beach underneath a parasol, listening to the wind and the waves… After all this time being stuck inside, I know I am ! In this tutorial I’m going to show you the step by step process for this really easy summer watercolor painting. This composition is designed to be extremely simple, so any beginner

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Easy Summer Watercolor Idea for Beginners


It’s one of the most delightful things I’ve ever seen.I recently took a trip to an iconic art store in Paris - The Sennelier Art Store.The watercolor and pen sketch you see here is a result of me playing with the art supplies I picked up ! Below I’ll give you some tips on using watercolor with ink pens for creating line and wash artwork.Some of you may know I’m

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Watercolor with Pen (Tips and Tricks for Beginners)


This is going to be tricky! Some of you might not like me very much after you try this watercolor practice exercise… I can see people pulling their hair out in frustration already. This tutorial will allow you to practice all of the different watercolor wash techniques, plus your brush control. It means combining a number of painting methods in one go, as well as using a wide range of

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Watercolor Practice Exercise (Do you Think YOU Can do This?)


In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to paint koi fish in watercolor by building up transparent layers of paint using a glazing technique. One of the amazing characteristics of watercolor is its transparency. When you paint transparent washes of color on top of each other the underlying brush marks remain visible. This produces beautiful multi-layered effects that are unique to watercolors.  Painting in this way is a

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Easy Watercolor Koi Fish (Step by Step Tutorial)


Daffodils… They’re springing up all over the place!And just about every artist I know is painting these things at the moment. So I thought I’d add my own contribution and show you the step by step process I used to paint these watercolor daffodils.In this tutorial I used a variety of techniques which I’ll describe as I build up the painting layer by layer. And if you’d like to try

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Watercolor Daffodils (A Step by Step Tutorial)


Looking for some simple inspiration ? Below you’ll find some watercolor painting ideas which use very simple wet techniques. What do I mean by “wet techniques” ? In watercolors, the colored pigments are held in suspension by the water you use to dilute the paint. While the surface of the paper is damp, or your brush marks are wet, the pigments flow and disperse in ways which sometimes seem unpredictable

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Watercolor Painting Ideas (Super Easy Things to Paint)

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