Recently an artist asked me about the toxicity of watercolor paint. It’s true… As artists we should be aware of ecological and health considerations like this. And although I’m not

Here’s the thing…There are lots of “reviews” about which are the best watercolor paints on the market. But none of them seem to tell you “how” to choose what’s best

​Beginners often get confused about watercolor paint. I remember when I first started painting I was bewildered by the huge range of hues, the different brands, the fancy names, and

​Have you ever noticed how watercolor paints behave differently ? Some colors produce a smooth even wash, but others seem to have a life of their own, creating amazing textured

Looking for good watercolor brands? I know what you’re thinking. There’s a huge choice of watercolors on the market and you haven’t got a clue which are good and which are a

So you’re ready to make a dent in the world of watercolors. Good for you. I remember the first watercolor paints I used at school when I was a kid. It was