Daffodils… They’re springing up all over the place! And just about every artist I know is painting these things at the moment. So I thought I’d add my own contribution

Looking for some simple inspiration ?Below you’ll find some watercolor painting ideas which use very simple wet techniques.What do I mean by “wet techniques” ?In watercolors, the colored pigments are

It’s that time of year again.(For those of you who've forgotten, I’m talking about Valentines day!)And I know what a bunch of romantic folks you are, so in this step

This painting started out as a sketch, but after a while I began to think it would make a good example for talking about how to paint realistically with watercolor.In

Brrr… it’s cold outside ! The coldest season of the year stirs up different emotions for all of us. There are lots of things that I associate with winter, all of

This site uses cookies !Get it ?OK… Lame joke.Actually, I painted this watercolor composition of a plate of cookies to demonstrate one of the most frequently used methods of painting

Did you put up the Christmas tree yet ?Are you ready to mail out those cards ?I think sending hand-painted watercolor cards for Christmas is perhaps one of the best

I’ve been scratching my head for several days ! Finding the ideal gifts for everyone is a real brain-teaser. It doesn’t help that whenever you ask people what they would

The thing about pine cones is they have a very complicated appearance. For this reason they seem like very tricky subjects to paint.In this article I’ll show you how to

I recently painted this watercolor sketch as a way to explain the concept of lost and found edges in watercolors. This is mostly a fancy name for “hard and soft

The other day my daughter said we should get some pumpkins so we could make jack o’lanterns. I admit, this is probably my favorite activity at Halloween. But this year

A limited palette of watercolors does not have to be limiting!Yes… I’m kind of pleased with myself for that sentence! But it’s true.You’ll be happy to know you don’t need