At some stage in your pursuit of watercolor art you will want to make your own watercolor pans. Watercolors in pan format are an excellent option with a heap of benefits.

Fancy trying some abstract watercolor painting ?Good for you.So, let’s talk about ethereality and impermanence…Nope ! Only kidding…Abstract watercolors are a whole lot of fun. And you don’t need to

​So let me guess…You’ve been painting for a while now, but you just don’t seem to be making as much progress as you’d like ?I understand exactly how you feel.

It’s a simple question… Right ?And the answer probably seems obvious to more experienced watercolor artists.I remember when I was learning about watercolor painting, I wasn’t sure how other artists

​To wet or not to wet ? That is the question...Wet on wet and wet on dry are both important parts of any watercolorist’s painting vocabulary. Each technique has its

​You know what ?Watercolor paper isn’t the only surface you can paint on !Yep… That’s right !In fact one of the most common questions I see asked by artists is:“Can

Frustrating isn’t it?Like a lot of new watercolorists, I didn’t understand about layering paint.When I started painting I would use too much water and fuss over the wet paint with

I hear it all the time!What color paints do you recommend?This is something that I agonized over when I first started painting with watercolors!The choice of paint colors is staggering,

You’ve probably heard artists talking about “tone” when describing art. When I first started watercolor painting I was a bit confused by all the vocabulary. One of my favorite artists