Setting up a watercolor palette can be a bit of a brain-teaser, especially when you begin learning watercolors. When I first started painting it took me a while to figure

Do you find it frustrating? Reading about all those multiple, fabulous techniques for watercolor painting. Methods which are so obscure you’ll probably hardly ever use them!Sure, it’s fun to know

​Have you ever tried to paint shadows in watercolor and been disappointed with the result? I remember when I started painting I had problems with shadows. Sometimes the color was

The unique fluid and transparent qualities of watercolors are what lend incredible beauty to this art medium. Having said that, these same characteristics are what beginners find unforgiving. For this

​I knew I shouldn't do it !I had just laid down a nice graded wash of watercolor for the background of a new painting. But it wasn’t perfectly even. You

Watercolor painting looks so simple. A well executed watercolor can be painted with a few quick brush strokes. Good artists make it look so easy, but as a beginner I

At some stage in your pursuit of watercolor art you will want to make your own watercolor pans. Watercolors in pan format are an excellent option with a heap of benefits.

It’s a simple question… Right ?And the answer probably seems obvious to more experienced watercolor artists.I remember when I was learning about watercolor painting, I wasn’t sure how other artists

​To wet or not to wet ? That is the question...Wet on wet and wet on dry are both important parts of any watercolorist’s painting vocabulary. Each technique has its

​You know what ?Watercolor paper isn’t the only surface you can paint on !Yep… That’s right !In fact one of the most common questions I see asked by artists is:“Can

Frustrating isn’t it?Like a lot of new watercolorists, I didn’t understand about layering paint.When I started painting I would use too much water and fuss over the wet paint with

I hear it all the time!What color paints do you recommend?This is something that I agonized over when I first started painting with watercolors!The choice of paint colors is staggering,