It’s one of the most delightful things I’ve ever seen. I recently took a trip to an iconic art store in Paris - The Sennelier Art Store. The watercolor and

Looking for some simple inspiration ? Below you’ll find some watercolor painting ideas which use very simple wet techniques. What do I mean by “wet techniques” ? In watercolors, the

Recently an artist asked me about the toxicity of watercolor paint. It’s true… As artists we should be aware of ecological and health considerations like this. And although I’m not

Have you ever found yourself wondering which side of watercolor paper to use? Maybe you cut up a large sheet into smaller pieces, and now you’re wondering which was the

You can easily spend a small fortune on brushes. So if you want your investment to last, it’s probably a good idea to learn how to clean your watercolor brushes

Setting up a watercolor palette can be a bit of a brain-teaser, especially when you begin learning watercolors. When I first started painting it took me a while to figure

Do you find it frustrating? Reading about all those multiple, fabulous techniques for watercolor painting. Methods which are so obscure you’ll probably hardly ever use them!Sure, it’s fun to know

​Beginners often get confused about watercolor paint. I remember when I first started painting I was bewildered by the huge range of hues, the different brands, the fancy names, and

​Have you ever tried to paint shadows in watercolor and been disappointed with the result? I remember when I started painting I had problems with shadows. Sometimes the color was

Ever tried painting a big wash of color around a complex shape ?There are many occasions when you want to preserve the white paper and conserve key features in a

The unique fluid and transparent qualities of watercolors are what lend incredible beauty to this art medium. Having said that, these same characteristics are what beginners find unforgiving. For this

​I knew I shouldn't do it !I had just laid down a nice graded wash of watercolor for the background of a new painting. But it wasn’t perfectly even. You