There are a bunch of different factors to consider when choosing watercolor paper, and its weight is one of the more important characteristics. But this can be a very confusing

I know what you’re thinking… And you’re probably right.I’m a sucker when it comes to buying watercolor supplies !I’m sure I’ve got far too much stuff. Which is why I’m

I’ve been scratching my head for several days ! Finding the ideal gifts for everyone is a real brain-teaser. It doesn’t help that whenever you ask people what they would

Recently an artist asked me about the toxicity of watercolor paint. It’s true… As artists we should be aware of ecological and health considerations like this. And although I’m not

Have you ever found yourself wondering which side of watercolor paper to use? Maybe you cut up a large sheet into smaller pieces, and now you’re wondering which was the

You can easily spend a small fortune on brushes. So if you want your investment to last, it’s probably a good idea to learn how to clean your watercolor brushes

Here’s the thing…There are lots of “reviews” about which are the best watercolor paints on the market. But none of them seem to tell you “how” to choose what’s best

​Beginners often get confused about watercolor paint. I remember when I first started painting I was bewildered by the huge range of hues, the different brands, the fancy names, and

Ever tried painting a big wash of color around a complex shape ?There are many occasions when you want to preserve the white paper and conserve key features in a

​You’ve seen it happen… Right ? You lay down a nice watery wash of paint, you settle down to enjoy your painting, and then… It all goes lopsided ! When watercolor paper

​Have you ever noticed how watercolor paints behave differently ? Some colors produce a smooth even wash, but others seem to have a life of their own, creating amazing textured

Paper…It’s one of the essential components in watercolor painting. And believe me, when you really get going, you’re going to use a lot of it !I remember when I started