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Can you use watercolor on canvas ?

​You know what ? Watercolor paper isn’t the only surface you can paint on ! Yep… That’s right ! In fact one of the most common questions I see asked by artists is: “Can you use watercolor on canvas” ? The quick answer is “yes”. But of course it’s slightly more complicated than that. There a few things you need […]

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How to layer watercolors beautifully

Frustrating isn’t it? Like a lot of new watercolorists, I didn’t understand about layering paint. When I started painting I would use too much water and fuss over the wet paint with my brush. I remember enthusiastically painting layer upon layer of paint until the end result looked murky and overworked! Have you ever found yourself doing […]

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Guide to recommended watercolor palette colors

I hear it all the time! What color paints do you recommend? This is something that I agonized over when I first started painting with watercolors! The choice of paint colors is staggering, especially when you consider watercolor brands like Daniel Smith (they have a huge collection of over 250 paints!)  And good quality watercolors are expensive! I […]

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Good Watercolor Brands – Which is Best

Looking for good watercolor brands?  I know what you’re thinking.  There’s a huge choice of watercolors on the market and you haven’t got a clue which are good and which are a waste of time.  I was in the same predicament when I started watercolor painting. Choosing the right ​supplies is a big deal – especially when you’re […]

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