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In this special extended, full-length tutorial I’m going to show you how to paint easier portraits in watercolor by building up transparent layers of paint using a glazing technique.

One of the amazing characteristics of watercolor is its transparency. When you paint transparent washes of color on top of each other this produces beautiful multi-layered effects that are unique to watercolors. 

Painting in this way is a technique known as glazing.

This technique is a powerful way to build up the tonal values (lightness & darkness) of the subject, to achieve a sense of depth and realism !

(Please note: this mini-course is not part of the Masterclass).

watercolor portrait demo

Special Edition Watercolor Koi Lesson

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An exclusive speed painting demo. These are extremely useful for providing a fast overview of the painting from beginning to end.

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This includes traceable sketch drawings and reference photos so you have all you need to complete the painting !

- Copy of the Original Painting

You'll get a high-resolution copy of my original painting.
- Supplies list
Many people ask me what tools I use. For each lesson I've complied a list of ALL supplies needed to complete the painting project.
- Ask me questions

Ask questions directly inside the lessons and I'll answer them personally!


- Free glossary of watercolor terms

- My Complete guide to watercolor supplies
- Lesson: How to transfer drawings to watercolor paper

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