Are you feeling stuck and struggling to see improvement in your watercolors?

Frustrated that your paintings never turn out the way you imagined?

"Master Watercolors Faster with the Most Engaging, & Cost-Effective Painting Course"

Hi there! 🙂

Do you find it hard to create paintings you're pleased with? Maybe you've been painting in watercolors, but didn't realize it would be this hard? Well, you're in the right place because I've been there too, and I've developed a solution!

Here's The Problem

👉 If you've ever felt like your watercolor skills are going backward instead of improving, you're not alone. Many aspiring watercolor artists face similar challenges, from not knowing where to begin to battling issues like water control, what materials to use, and understanding how to mix colors! Maybe you’ve also tried countless YouTube tutorials, or even expensive workshops, only to feel stuck, see little progress, and feel disappointed when your results don’t match your expectations!

And I completely understand… Frustrations like this can drain your passion for painting!

The True Cost of Staying Stuck

The thing is, if you don’t overcome these obstacles, you’re missing out on:

greater enjoyment and fulfillment

✅ A more relaxed painting experience

A real sense of accomplishment

"the joy of watercolors"


Many of my students, after years of trial and error, felt frustrated and disheartened by their lack of progress. Some of them kept spending money on unsuccessful tutorials and workshops without seeing results. They also missed the opportunity to share their artwork with confidence, and connect with other artists. 


Imagine a future where your watercolor paintings are a source of Joy and Fulfillment, NOT frustration...

No More Feeling Stuck

No More Disappointment with Your Results

No More Frustration with Water Control

No More Flat and Lifeless Paintings

No More Struggling with Basic Techniques

No More Wasting Expensive Materials

Introducing The Watercolor "Path to Progress" Masterclass!

"What if you could gain total control, achieve lasting progress, and paint with confidence and joy?"

I’ve been painting and teaching watercolors over the past 10 years. In this time I discovered the key principles that make all the difference!

The truth is… The reason you’re not making progress with your watercolors isn’t because you lack talent or don’t have the right tools.

It’s because you haven’t learned about the “3 Pillars of Watercolor”.

The 3 Pillars of Watercolor:

I've identified these 3 things as vital to help my students make progress and truly enjoy the painting process. But what are these "3 Pillars of Watercolor?”

Let me explain…

Without going into too much detail, here's how each pillar significantly affects your painting skills:

1️⃣ The Water CYCLE :  This is about understanding how much water to use and how it interacts with your paint and paper. This is one of the biggest struggles any watercolor artist faces!

2️⃣ Tonal Values : This refers to the lightness or darkness of colors and shapes. Mastering & using tonal values correctly is essential to avoid your paintings looking flat and unrealistic.

3️⃣ Abstraction & Simplification : This means learning to simplify your subject into basic shapes and forms. This makes your paintings so much easier to manage!

These concepts are just A SMALL PART of the fundamentals I teach in my 'Watercolor Path to Progress Masterclass'

About Me

Anthony Roebuck  Artist

But who am I to be teaching you to paint in watercolors?

Hi ! My name’s Anthony, This is a photo of me. The real me...  I'm a qualified architect and a professional artist. And I’ve helped thousands of my students learn to paint successfully in watercolor and achieve real progress in their artistic journey! I'm an artist who loves to teach… And instead of me telling you how great my course is, I prefer to let my students' words speak for themselves. Below are a few examples of what they have to say:

No Talent? No problem...

You do NOT need to know how to draw to paint in watercolors! 

And even if you think you don't have a natural talent for art... Even if you've never picked up a paint brush in your life you can still create beautiful watercolor paintings. My course shows you how to paint without the need for drawing, with step-by-step guidance every time.


Happy Students:

See Real Improvement in Your Skills in a Short Time:

" I started painting with watercolors 3 x years ago and up till now have been self-taught. I am learning so much from your course and feel that I am finally getting to grips with watercolors. I love the way you teach and have gained so much in the short time working with you on the Watercoloraffair. Many thanks! "

Brenda Cohen


Absolutely Love the Quick Progress and Confidence to Explore:

" I absolutely love this course! It has helped me in so many ways!  I was new to watercolor painting and the advice and guidance on what materials to buy to get started and how to minimize expense were invaluable. The exercises and practices have helped me learn and develop my techniques and these have given me confidence to ‘give it a go’ without worrying about making mistakes. I love the style and approach too. It's relaxed and fun to follow the lessons, and progress is quick. Fantastic! Thank you so much Anthony! "

Christine Graves 


Exponential Improvement - Turning Mistakes into Success:  

" You are an incredible teacher, Anthony! Though I’ve been watercolor painting for a few years, I was self-taught and continue to make mistakes when I feel I should “know better” by now. This course is helping me exponentially toward understanding why I’m making the same mistakes years later.Thank you! "

Amy Davis


Kate Felix



Exceptional Teaching - by Far the Best I’ve Ever Taken:

" There’s simply no way to do a quick review on this workshop. This workshop is by far the best I’ve ever taken and I’ve taken many. The videos are exceptional not only for their visual and audio quality, but they are the perfect length. The teaching Anthony provides is direct and to the point for each subject matter.     

Anthony explains throughout this course the “science” of watercolor in simple terms, which, once you learn, will save you hours of aggravation in your future painting endeavors (trust me on this one!). Everything one needs to be successful in watercolor painting is covered in this course. I’ve taken courses for $500+ and they didn’t even begin to cover the information taught in this workshop. For beginners as well as more advanced watercolorists (like myself), you won’t find a professional workshop as good as this anywhere. Utterly amazing. "

Suzi Brown


The Gold Standard of Online Courses:

" As far as I am concerned this (masterclass) should be the gold standard for all online courses! It has everything a beginner could need, video ,transcripts, access to the art teacher and so much more! I found Anthony was answering my questions within the course even while I was thinking of them. I intend to go through it all again for practice and as a warmup to my own attempts. Its’ a course that just keeps on giving."

Lillian Pargeter


Learned What I Missed in Several Years of Trial and Error:

" I found your beginner master course extremely helpful to my watercolor skills. From your explanation on how and why the paint moves on the paper, to actual brushstrokes and skills, I learned so much to help me paint better. Because I have been painting For 8 years I do not consider myself a “beginner” yet I found your courses enlightening. What I mean by that is, other teachers skimmed or talked about supplies and skills, whereas you explained them. I always wanted more and continued on. With your Masterclass course, I learned what I have been missing in several years of trial and error and courses, that just never quite taught the basics.

I would recommend anyone who is starting to paint watercolors, take your course as it covers everything."

Libby Longinotti


Comprehensive, Thorough Instruction & Exceptional Value:

" I have been painting (self taught) for four years now. This is the most thorough watercolor class I've taken. The practice exercises are a great way to solidify the basics in order to take on more complex projects. I'm so very glad I purchased this course! "

Karen Lin


Nothing is left unsaid:

"Superb course! You are an excellent teacher and pay great attention to detail. Nothing is left unsaid. Thanks! "

Josephina Swan


Wonderful & Delightful Course:

"Just want to thank you for a truly wonderful course: it’s clear, complete and delightful! I’m enjoying your course more than any other and learning a great deal more!! Thank you so much!! "

Susan Netter


Enroll Now and Discover the solution to making progress in watercolors

Save Time, Money & Frustration...

The Watercolor Masterclass will save you a lot of  TIME, MONEY & FRUSTRATION!

Now, I understand that many aspiring artists worry about the cost and time commitment of taking a watercolor course. Maybe you’ve struggled with watercolors for years through trial and error or wasted money on expensive in-person classes without seeing positive results.

But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make real progress with your watercolors! In fact, investing in the Watercolor Masterclass is not only more affordable, but it also saves you time and disappointment.

Let me share an example: a high-quality sable watercolor brush like this one typically costs between $60 and $70.

You can get started with the Watercolor Masterclass for LESS than the price of that brush!

Get Unstuck & See Results

Join The Path to Progress!

path to progress in watercolor

You need two things to improve your watercolor skills:
1.Understanding the fundamentals
2.Consistent practice
BOTH of these are at the core of my Watercolor Masterclass.
This easy-to-follow, progressive online course is specifically designed to give you the depth of knowledge and techniques needed to become a better watercolor artist.
I think you’ll agree… progress is the greatest form of motivation. But to experience that progress, you need the right guidance and resources.
So if you want to get “unstuck” and finally see improvement in your watercolor art Join the Watercolor Masterclass today…
See you inside the Masterclass 🙂



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Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

"You have a great way of explaining techniques. The principles were presented in such a way that I never felt lost or bored. The pace of learning was perfect and kept me excited to learn the next skill "

Lorraine Mayne // USA

"You are a true teacher! I tell you this all the time. I’m always amazed how you break steps apart to make them visual and understandable. Also it encourages the new artist to practice your tips when starting a painting.
Thank you!"

Bonnie Collins // USA


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You missed out!

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There's absolutely NO RISK with my 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

I know this course is good... And I'm confident this is one of the best courses for people who want to vastly improve their watercolor skills, and transform their paintings ! But if you're not happy with this course or you're not happy for any reason, I will refund the full cost of the course.


How long will I have access to the course materials?

You get life-time access. You will always be able to view and download all the content.

I don't have much time - is this course for me?

This course is self-paced. The content is available on demand, whenever you have time, and all the videos are pre-recorded, and the materials are accessible anytime you want for easy access.

What if I have questions or need clarification on certain topics?

You can ask questions directly inside the lessons and get a personal reply from me.

Is this course suitable for beginners or more experienced artists?

My method for learning colors in this course is suitable for anyone just starting out in watercolors OR if you've been painting for a while and finding it hard to make progress. It's a detailed and comprehensive learning experience to understand and practice watercolor painting.

Do I need specific materials or equipment to participate?

I provide an in-depth list of recommended supplies to get the best results from your watercolor painting. I explain not only what to get but why & how to choose the best supplies. I'll also give you guidance on how to find equivalent products depending on own preferences.